5. We Won

Notwithstanding all this, ClimateGate. The essential debate on these issues will not take place, at least not openly and without prejudice. Impatient scientists often privilege hegemonic players such as world powers, states, transnational organizations, and multinational corporations. The science establishment produce predetermined answers. A cabal, a cadre, a cargo cult or a clique of corrupted, dogmatic climate science activists controls a knowledge monopoly. That one has to reach to figures like Lysenko for analogies is telling. The World’s Governments‘ solution to apply green taxation as a cure in the light of an unscientific philosophy of climate change is starting to fall apart. Science does not work by consensus. Biased-funded scientists ought to be severed from advocacy. Everyone in the WG3 should be terminated, if not cleansed. The postnormal IPCC should be disbanded. Brace yourselves – a new paradigm is coming. We won, you lost, get over it. Contrarians always win.

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