1. No Best Practices

Even if GW exists, we don’t know how much W there is and how much is caused by the A in AGW. There is no such thing as a global average temperature. Global temperature is, statistically speaking, a random walk. That most of the W since 1950 is from A means little; a global MWP would undermine that result. The GW has been less than predicted or overestimated by the models. All global models are using the wrong dynamics. Validation tests should properly be conducted on forecasts from evidence-based forecasting procedures. Model projections are unfalsifiable. Paucity of data prevails and its climate signal is almost indistinguishable from noise. We don’t know what adjustments were made to these records. We need better proxies, better observations, everything in Joules, engineer-level formal derivations, independently verified and validated models, statistical frameworks like Brown & Sundberg or objective Bayesianism, and traceable edits. The uncertainty monster is too big to hide, exorcise, or simplify. It’s a big can of worms! We need best practices. New deck chairs would be nice too.