4. Future is Bright

Even if we could efficiently mitigate, and God knows that’s a stretch, mitigation may be unnecessary because carbon-eating trees or some other pixie dust will suffice. We ought to be more pragmatist in our policy choices. Let’s prioritize a strong economy. Policymakers should look for win-win policies in order to improve the environment. Whatever we believe about AGW, many of the actions we would take to reduce greenhouse-gas production and mitigate global-warming effects are beneficial anyway. There are more pressing concerns than AGW; for AGW, we need smart solutions. Urbanization, agricultural intensification, nuclear power, aquaculture, and desalination have all demonstrated potential to reduce human demands on the environment. We must learn to adapt to warming, and government policy must encourage efficient and intelligent adaptation for our high energy planet. Personally, I’d geoengineer an ice-nine powered Heliotropical Adaptator made of Tin foil orbiting around the Earth (The HAT). The best is yet to come. Our future is bright.